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Providing your business with the accountancy services it needs...

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Aimed at our core clientele of owner managed and family owned businesses, our expertise enables us to provide your business with the accountancy services it needs, when it needs them.

This may be once per year when we prepare your company accounts, ongoing in terms of book keeping support & services or on a regular or periodic basis for Management Accounting or auditing.

Accounts Preparation

For all organisations, accounts preparation on an annual basis is essential to the effective running of their business. In the case of Companies, including Limited Liability Partnerships there is a statutory obligation to file accounts in a statutory format annually with Companies House.

For Sole Traders and Partnerships, the information obtained from annual accounts preparation not only helps you measure your business performance, it also provides financial information required for the completion of personal tax returns.

Whatever your business type, we can undertake your accounts preparation on an annual basis. In addition, where required or desired, we can undertake an audit of your accounts, and can also use the information from your accounts to help with the preparation of your business planning process.

Company Accounts

As a Company, including Limited Liability Partnerships, there is a legal obligation to file Company Accounts with Companies House in a statutory format. We can assist you by preparing your statutory Company Accounts and filing them with Companies House on your behalf.

An audit of annual statutory accounts is a legal requirement for companies with turnover in excess of £6.5 million (previously £5.6m) or a balance sheet total in excess of £3.26m (previously £2.8m) and may occasionally be required of other organisations, but can also be undertaken on a voluntary basis.

It is our view that the benefits of preparing accurate Company Accounts can go far beyond meeting statutory obligations. With a full business understanding, the accounts provide a basis from which you can plan to improve your business.

Self-employed and Partnership Accounts

Although there is no statutory obligation for the preparation of Self-employed and Partnership (non LLP) Accounts, they help you measure your business performance and also provide the financial information necessary for the completion of your self-assessment tax returns.

Also if you need to seek financial help either to grow your business, or buy a home or car, you are likely to be asked to provide details of your business's financial performance in the form of Accounts covering a number of years.

Clubs and Society Accounts

Clubs and societies take many forms, from having no legal form, through to Companies limited by guarantee or Industrial and Provident Societies regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Whatever the form, a club and society will require annual accounts in order to report to its members.

Book Keeping

Book keeping can be both one of the most essential and most onerous tasks facing a business. We provide a full range of services to support your book keeping requirements, from training, software installation and support to a full book keeping service provided by our in-house book keeping bureau.

Tailored to the needs of each client, we can combine core book keeping services with other services such as accounts preparation, VAT recording and reporting and payroll to provide a comprehensive service for your finance support needs.

As members of the SAGE Accountants Club, we consider that the SAGE Book Keeping Software can provide a valuable tool for aiding the efficient running of your business.

In addition to providing expert support for ongoing use of the SAGE Book Keeping Software within your business, we can provide initial training plus the relevant software should you decide to implement the system.

Management Accounting

Monitoring and controlling the financial performance of your business is of paramount importance and regular management accounting information is vital to the continued success of your business.

Our Management Accounting services can be provided on a variety of levels depending on the needs of your business. We can support you either by undertaking the management accounting responsibility on your behalf, or by helping you to set up internal systems to generate management accounting information on a regular basis.

We can also take this service one step further by interpreting the management accounting figures for you and making suggestions to help you improve your profits or to help your business grow.

Audit and Assurance

A company Audit can be a statutory requirement but it can also be a valuable opportunity for any business to review its financial performance in detail.

Whatever accountancy services you require, we will work with you to provide you with not only a timely and relevant service, but a service to help you improve and develop your business.