Business Advisory Services

We aim to work in partnership with you to help you establish and grow your business...

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Our core clientele are owner managed and family owned businesses. We understand that the needs of these businesses are often different to more impersonal, often larger scale operations.

We aim to work in partnership with you to help you establish and grow your business. Whether you already have a business or are looking to start a new venture, our business advisory services can help you move forward with confidence. We work with you to identify the relevant services for you, to ensure you get the level of support and advice you require.

In addition to our own services, as part of our business advisory services we can introduce you to our established network of professional contacts including banks and solicitors.

Business Planning Services

Whether you are considering starting a business, or are already running a business, we can help take your business forward.

From starting a new venture, to a change in direction, an up-scaling or downsizing of your present business, or if you simply want to review your existing plans, we can provide you with the services you need, when you need them.

Business Plans

In helping create your business plans, we can take you through the entire process, ensuring that we gain an in depth understanding of your business, while enabling you to appreciate where the strengths and weakness of your business lie.

With a greater awareness, not only can you plan proactively to take your business forward, you will be better prepared to deal with any unforeseen circumstances should they arise. Business plans are essentially business roadmaps, showing not only the point you want to arrive at, but also your options for getting there.

We can also provide you with a review of your own business plans, providing constructive feedback along with additional support where appropriate.

Cash Flow Forecast

Cash flow is the backbone of any business. For many businesses that run into trouble, the problems come down not to poor business ideas or even their execution, but to cash flow, often arising from poor cash flow forecasting.

By undertaking regular cash flow forecasts, potential problems can be identified at an early stage, allowing steps to be taken to manage the situation and avoid potentially disastrous consequences.

Cash flow forecasts provide an essential aspect of our business planning services portfolio. Cash flow is the fuel that keeps your business running and if you understand how your business runs, you will be better positioned to plan for improvements and deal with any problems which may arise.

Business Start up Advice

Having an idea for a new business is an exciting time, but can be quickly followed by despondency if you don't know how to take it forward.

If you are considering a business start up, you may already appreciate that the challenges in getting a new venture off the ground can be considerable. If you know what you would like to do, our business start up advice is available to tell you not only how to do it, but to help you by providing advice & support services throughout the development of your business.

From the formation of your company to planning, seeking investment & ensuring systems are set up for financial compliance, we can get you up and running.

Business Formation Services

We can provide advice on the most suitable structure for your business, and support your decision via our formation services. Whatever structure you decide upon, as a minimum e.g. for a sole trader or partnership, you will have to advise HM Revenue & Customs of your business activities.

If you decide to create either a limited company or a limited liability partnership, the registration process is more involved. As part of our business formation services, we can carry out all registration procedures with Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf. Once your company is up and running, we can maintain the correct information flow to the official Government bodies in the form of Annual returns, Company Accounts, VAT returns etc.

Business Finance

It is well known that privately owned businesses have difficulty raising finance whether equity or loan capital. We can discuss the options open to your business and provide support and contacts for applying to various potential sources of funding.

Many businesses miss the opportunity to raise money from the public sector by way of grants. Grants are available for a wide range of industries and for all sizes of business. We can assist in the whole grant process from sourcing, to application, through to reporting.

Company Secretarial Services

Complying with the Companies Act is a legal requirement for businesses registered with Companies House. Our Company Secretarial Services can help ensure you comply with the Companies Act 2006. In addition, our Company Secretarial Services can provide:

  • Online preparation and filing of statutory returns
  • Preparation of all documentation (such as minutes and resolutions)
  • Maintenance of statutory books (share register, minute book, etc)